When it comes to completing a home remodeling project, it’s all about the details. Therefore, you should carefully look for patio door treatments to complement your door replacement. Whether you have never had treatments before or want to update them to match your new doors, you can read on to find a style that best suits your taste, budget, and privacy preferences.


For customers looking to create a unique and bold style in their home, we recommend shutters. Unlike the traditional shutters that would go on the outside of our house, shutter treatments for sliding glass doors are on the inside and slide on a track system. You can easily open and close them to adjust both the privacy and amount on natural light coming into your home. 

Vertical Blinds

If you want an affordable and versatile option that is easy to install, we recommend vertical blinds. Not only are they a great choice for sliding doors because they are easy to open, but they also come in so many materials, designs, and textures. No matter your taste, we are confident that you could choose fabric, vinyl, wood, or aluminum blinds in a color that enhances your home décor. 

Privacy Sheers

We always steer our customers towards the traditional fabric sheers if they want a sleek and classic look. With all of the different fabrics available, you can find sheers that suit your privacy needs. They are also easy to pull back anytime you want to let more natural light into your home. Best of all, you can find a variety of options for any budget!

Honeycomb Shades

When a client tells us that they are concerned about the insulation with their large glass door, we tell them the benefits of honeycomb shades. These systems offer an extra layer of insulation to keep your home comfortable all year long. We also love the simplicity of the design. You can simply pull the shades back with your hand because there are no cords, chains, or wands to get in the way.

Woven Shades

Unlike most of the other styles which can be opened side to side, woven shades are usually rolled up and pulled down. This gives you a little bit more control over the amount of natural light as you can adjust the height of each individual panel. Most of these styles are either rolled up by hand or drawn by a chain, so you should keep that in mind as you make your selection. 

To find out more about our recommendations for window treatments for sliding patio door replacements, get in touch with Renewal By Anderson of South Louisiana. You can call us to ask any questions or fill out our online form to request a complimentary project quote.