Windows are one such investment that, if done properly, can bring many long-lasting benefits to your home, like better energy-efficiency, enhanced comfort, and aesthetic appeal, inside your home and out.

At Renewal by Andersen® of South Louisiana, we’re Louisiana’s experts on top-quality windows. We’re proud to serve New Orleans homeowners with Andersen Windows because they’re hands down the best window products on the market today. Here are six of our favorite ways that homeowners can improve their homes with premium Andersen Windows replacements and new-home window installations.

Improved Comfort, All Year Round

Swapping old single pane, drafty windows for new, energy-efficient Andersen windows can make a huge difference to the indoor climate of your house throughout the seasons of the year. It can also increase efficiency by up to fifty percent, so you will certainly notice the benefits on your utility bills.

Andersen Windows utilize energy-efficient frames and high-performance glass, and these materials work hard to keep heat in during winter, and out in summer. So not only will you be warmer in winter, you'll be cooler in summer without having to run the air-conditioning as much. 

Added Curb Appeal

Installing stylish new windows can give your home a massive facelift, both inside and out. Andersen Windows come in a wide range of contemporary and traditional designs that enhance the style of your home. 

At RBA windows, we have a wide selection of products that are custom-designed to give your property the unique appearance it deserves. Whether youre looking to upgrade your windows to add value before selling or want to redesign your home with a fresh look, Renewal by Andersen® of South Louisiana is your best bet for high-performance windows in New Orleans and the surrounding area

Improved Security

No doubt, the security of your home and your family is paramount. Andersen Windows are tested for safety against forced-entry, with features like multiple point locking systems. You’ll rest safer knowing your home is better protected than ever before with Andersen Windows and their innovative locking and safety system in place.

Easy Maintenance

Old wooden frames require a great deal of maintenance, such as frequent painting. Modern vinyl and fiberglass models, on the other hand, require very little maintenance and will never need to be painted in their lifetimes. Window hardware is made from durable metals that stand the test of time. For added peace of mind, Renewal by Andersen® of South Louisiana has one of the strongest window and door replacement limited warranties you will ever find.

Improved Sound Control

New windows are better at reducing the transmission of sound. If you are aware of traffic noise and external sounds when inside, it could be time to switch to some modern, sound-blocking Andersen Windows. You will notice the difference straight away and benefit from a better quality of living as a result. 

Environmental Benefits

Finally, new windows offer advanced protection from energy loss inside the home. Not only is this an improvement for homeowners seeking better climate-control for a more comfortable home,but it’s also great news for the environment. Less energy wasted means a smaller carbon footprint for your household. If you’re concerned about lowering your impact on the environment, Andersen Windows are the right choice for you.

Why Choose RBA Windows?

Renewal by Andersen® of South Louisiana is your trusted source for top-rated windows and doors. As an independently owned and operated Renewal by Andersen® retailer, we offer exceptional products and innovative installation techniques to ensure you enjoy maximum performance from your replacement windows and doors.

For more information on our premium Andersen Windows products and top-rated services at Renewal by Anderson® of South Louisiana, give us a call to speak with a representative or fill out our online form to schedule a free, in-home estimate today.