Is your sliding patio door not standing up to its name any longer? Does it catch every few inches or even make an unpleasant scraping noise when you open it? Before you consider patio replacement doors from Renewal by Anderson of South Louisiana, try a few quick fixes that might save you some money! 

Cleaning Out the Tracks

Often the problem is that the door track has become gunked up over the years and is hindering the sliding door's movement. Get a small, stiff-bristle brush and scrub all of the dirt and debris out from inside of the track. Any difficult spots can be softened first with a spritz of water and allowed to sit for a minute before scrubbing. Once all of the debris is out of the track, simply wipe it up or vacuum it with one of your vacuum attachments.

Lubricating the Door Track

It's always a good idea to have a can of silicone-based lubricant spray on hand for creaky, stubborn doors, hinges, and even screws and bolts around the house. Spray a thin layer of the lubricant along the entire length of the door track. Open and close your doors a few times to help spread the lubricant and coat the wheels. Regular cleaning and oiling should help prevent the need for new patio replacement doors, as long as there aren't any mechanical problems.

Raising the Wheels

Check the bottom of the side-facing edge of your sliding glass door frame. You should see a small plastic plug covering an opening in the frame or else, just a small circular opening. If you pry off the plug, and look inside, you'll see a hidden screw. This is used for adjusting the height of the roller wheels. If your wheels are too low, the bottom of the door may be scraping along the track. Try turning the screws on each side of your glass doors to adjust the wheel height up or down until the doors work smoothly. 

Get a Price Estimate for Sliding Patio Door Installation

If these quick fixes don't work, then there is something wrong inside the door frame or with the track itself. You might want to consider replacing the patio door with one of the many attractive options from Renewal by Anderson of South Louisiana. You can get an accurate price estimate for sliding patio door installation during a free, at-home consultation. Call us or fill out our online quote form to get scheduled for your visit right away!